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Todd and his team came up with, as he calls it, several waves of activity where our team engaged in interactive workshops, 1–1 coaching and small group case studies, driving each individual to take ownership of their leadership style and delivery and committing to becoming better than they were yesterday.

At this point in time we are taking Ripple’s high energy, engaging style of learning and running with it, even after our programs concluded. We want to create the great leaders of tomorrow inside our company.

Cathay Pacific Airways/DRAGONAIR highly recommends Todd’s training tools and delivery and can confirm the aspects of the Ripple Effect are alive and well inside our Cambodian team environment.

Firstly, they were the only training company. RMA Cambodia is a leading company in Cambodia covering industries such as Automotive, Food & Beverage, Agriculture, Heavy Equipment, Financing & Special Products. Todd designed a series of sessions over 3 months that covering classroom learning, small group discussions, situational workshops and homework between the sessions. We would thoroughly recommend Ripple Effect Consulting for sales or management training that is effective and will leave a long-lasting impression on your employees, to take them to the next level.
MIKE QUIN Division Head
From the outset we had clear objectives of what we wanted to achieve & Todd meticulously reviewed this to ensure that the Ripple program was tailored to deliver to those objectives. The session was extremely interactive & the points made during the exercises were vivid in terms of how they related to how we work together. Todd recognises the potential of ongoing development rather than a one off burst & his excellent after event follow up provides a stepping stone for that. We look forward to working with the Ripple team again.
Asia-Pacific Regional Office
TIM HANNAN VP Sales & Client Management
Many thanks for accepting our request to work with the British Embassy Team on a one day team building event that took place on 8 November 2012. As you know we are reasonably diverse group. Your sessions were well tailored to suit this and to different learning styles. We wanted the day to be fun and it certainly was. And yet at the same time we achieved our more serious intention of building our knowledge, attitudes, awareness and behaviors to take this excellent team forward together.
British Embassy Phnom Penh
Unlike with the other firms, most of that first discussion with Todd Smith centered on what result we intended to have by the end of the training. Mr. Smith came back the following week with a list of creative ideas; there was nothing ordinary or boring to what he presented. During the course of two months, the MSME team learned to laugh again, play better together, and respect each other for the differences as much as the similarities each member possesses. And unlike after past training courses, not one team member has come to the management team since the courses ended and informed us that the Ripple Effect Consulting team’s approach was boring. My team’s written evaluation of the team building course indicated an ultra high satisfaction level.
Cambodia MSME
Todd Smith and Ripple Effect Consulting supported a recent retreat sponsored by a program Social Impact manages. It was a tall order to be completed in a very short time frame. Todd and Ripple Effect not only supported our US-based consultant in identifying and establishing an agreement with a local venue, but also provided logistical and administrative support. Most importantly, Todd was able to work with our facilitator to design and deliver a two-day retreat which involved a large number of objectives, included difficult material for the group to address, specific outcomes that needed to be achieved, and at the same time create an energizing, morale-building experience for the group. We at Social Impact were very pleased to work with Ripple Effect Consulting. Todd is flexible and easy to work with, and very focused on getting the job done well.
Social Impact
BOB RICE Project Director
Ripple Effect not only provided quality training and guidance on how to take ``thought leadership`` to the next level but played an important role in setting retreat objectives, helping our staff to make progress towards those objectives. For this, the service we received exceeded my expectations. I especially appreciate the deep level of engagement and responsibility Ripple Effect took to make sure the training met our needs before, during and after the retreat.
The Asia Foundation
SILAS EVERETT Country Representative
Your Contribution to PPCBank's Annual Workshop, conducted On March 23, 2019 is highly appreciated. We wanted the session to be fun, impactful and strategic; we also hoped that activities would help us to build a stronger team while tailored to our needs. And that's exactly what your team delivered. It was delightful to see our managers involved and being active during the workshop. Activities that you and your team conducted helped our management to understand better how important customer journey and interaction within our team is. Our annual workshop would not have been as successful if not for your valuable contributions.
To me one of the core competencies of Ripple is your ability to listen to what the customer wants to achieve, in my case particular behavioural changes, then add the “Ripple effect”, check back with the customer on the program design and ultimately deliver a program that’s custom designed, not just “one size fits all” – a real point of difference. I can
categorically say that the four, half day, development sessions (and the homework) has definitely improved the confidence, capability and performance of the PPP sales team – thank you.
PP Post
ROSS MACDONALD Commercial Director
The Ripple Effect team were flexible and creative in designing a program of events that met iDE Cambodia’s specific needs. On the day, the session exceeded our expectations and received positive feedback from staff of all ages and organizational positions. In particular, we noted your exceptional understanding of Khmer language, culture, and humour, which enable you to build report with a group of 200 people, capture their attention, and keep them engaged throughtout the session. This created a positive environment and encoraged staff from across the organization to contribute to discussions and participate in all the activities. Throughout the event, Ripple Effect’s support staff were capable and proactive in ensuring the smooth running of the activities, adding to the enjoyment of the day. I would not hesitate to recommend Ripple Effect Consulting for similar events within iDE or other organization.
IDE Cambodia
MICHAEL ROBERTS Country Director
I liked that the training program promoted a mature approach to management and leadership. Participants were encouraged to develop their strength of character, accept responsibility, and focus on performance improvement. I also liked the flexibility that you and your team showed in customizing the training content to our needs. We worked together to adapt the training topics in each new wave based on experience gained in the preceding wave. This is the second time that we have used Ripple Effect services. Both times, we have been very satisfied with the quality and creativity of your work and the personal attention that we received. I have no hesitation in recommending your services to other organizations.
IDE Cambodia
MICHAEL ROBERTS Country Director
Mr. Todd is an active, creative and innovative trainer. All of the staff at Roomchang very much appreciated the quality of the training course as well as his ability and professional work ethic. I would strongly recommend Mr. Todd Smith as a consultant/trainer. Our intention is to build our staff capacity and communication skills and we would not hesitate to contract him again in the near future.
Roomchang Dental Clinic
DR.TITH HONG YOEU Owner/ Director
We were truly impressed by the quality of both curriculum as well as Todd’s work ethic. He deserves full credit for the concepts of the lessons and the design of the programme, most of which were his own ideas. I strongly believe that his ability to understand what we were looking for and to take charge of the programme was what ensured the quality finished product In addition to the curriculum, Todd was responsible for teaching the coaches the Leadership Training programme as well as teaching our staff. Both workshops were fun, interactive and extremely professional. Seeing our coaches teach the lessons to the children afterward confirmed the success of both the curriculum and the workshops. This reinforced our belief that we made the right decision in contracting Todd for this job. I would strongly recommend Todd as a consultant / trainer.
Indochina Starfish Foundation
KATE GRIFFIN Country Director
Todd Smith took on the job and over a very short period of time developed an interactive, creative and fun program specifically designed for football coaches in Cambodia. The quality of the material is best seen in all the examples relating to Cambodian culture and language, showing that Todd has mastered the language and understands the way young Khmer think. Despite a tight budget, I think hiring the expertise of Mr. Smith will make a big difference in our project and I am looking forward to keep working with him on further projects.
SALT Sports Academy
Ripple Effect Consulting, led by Mr Todd Smith, undertook the training. Even with a limited time for planning, the training agenda was tailored to the specifications of the organisation and the personnel participating (all but one were Khmer nationals), with some flexibility for change in the agenda as issues might arise. The training was interactive, fun, motivational and an excellent learning experience for all persons. ChildFund Cambodia national staff greatly appreciated Todd’s knowledge of Khmer language, his Khmer cultural and literary references and his interlinking of different aspects of the training agenda. The energy in the training room was always positive. Participants had ample question and answer time; and there was a judicious mix of theory and practice. ChildFund Cambodia would recommend the services of Ripple Effect Consulting to others.
ChildFund Cambodia
CAROL MORTENSEN Country Director