Our Story / History

Ripple Effect Consulting was started by New Zealander, Todd Smith, who has lived in South East Asia since 1999. Todd’s training is in business administration and human resources (PG Dip from Massey University, NZ), and his work history covers program management, youth work, management and leadership training and development; mentoring/coaching. Todd is fluent in Khmer (Cambodian) and is also a dynamic and competent communicator and an exciting motivator. Todd has created and designed strategic comprehensive training courses that have been running for the last 10 years in South East Asia. Todd brings with him a small team of expert, high caliber, creative and innovative consultants whom he has known and worked with for many years.

Team Ripple has worked with a wide variety/range of non-profits, businesses, and non-government organisations in South East Asia and New Zealand. Todd’s passion is to see others do what they do but even better and to help professionals achieve their dreams and go beyond their goals and expectations and to, in turn, impact and inspire others to do this as well. This is the Ripple Effect in motion.

Team Ripple has worked with a wide variety/range of non profits, businesses, and non government organisations.

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