Thank you for your interest in Ripple Effect’s services.

Many corporates and NGOs, who the leaders in their field, have received Ripple Effect development and training experiences already – we would love to work with you and your team as well.

We pride ourselves in designing and delivering our creative, interactive and fun training experiences, our “GROW” staff/management/leadership development program and our fresh look at organisational development/effectiveness for businesses and NGOs in the region.

Ripple Effect specialises in:

  1. Designing and delivering creative, interactive learning experiences (staff conferences, workshops, staff appreciation fun days, workshops, small group work, ‘round table’’ training input sessions, facilitation sessions) that go for total participation, behaviour change and encourage application in the workplace.
  2. Designing and implementing the ‘GROW’ Leadership and Management Development Plans (LDP/MDP).  An organisation’s Leadership/Management Team is the key to its future success.  Ripple can  implement an ongoing LDP/MDP that helps Leaders and Managers not just stay on track throughout the coming year but also help them exceed set goals and expectations.
  3. Creative and fun curriculum design
  4. Leading teams in strategic thinking and planning via workshops, round table training, focus group discussions, sounding board one-to-one sessions with Country Directors, CEOs and Management Teams.
  5. Training of Trainers’ input sessions for your educators/trainers on dynamic and creative training, facilitation, presentation and public speaking along with trainer observation and assessment.
  6.  Coaching/Sounding Board/Creative Brainstorming for staff, managers, Country Directors and CEOs.
  7. Motivational and inspirational dinners/breakfasts (especially for young, emerging or well established leaders and managers)

We deliver on a very wide range of topics such as:

  • Implementing the “GROW” Management and Leadership Development Program within your business/organisation
  • Helping to Develop a ‘High Performance’ Culture in Your Organisation
  • Becoming a True Professional – Being the Best of the Best of the Best!
  • Providing ***6*** Star Customer Service
  • Being a Dynamic and Creative Salesperson
  • Team Building and   Teamwork
  • Team Communication (Encouraging Honest and Open Communication)
  • Your Staff as Leaders and Role Models
  • Helping Expatriate Managers and Cambodian Team Members Excel Together
  • Creative and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Creative Problem Solving and Creative Decision Making
  • The Art of Successful Delegation
  • Becoming a Dynamic Presenter and Communicator
  • We are constantly developing new topics for our clients such as Helping Your Team Show Initiative and The Art of Delegation to name a few.  Client often ask us to prepare new materials on new topics.

Some of these training and development ideas can be implemented throughout the coming year; can be one offs, drip-fed for your team throughout the year or included in a comprehensive, consecutive training plan.

Just as a stone leaves ongoing ripples in a pond, we at Team Ripple want to use our 14 plus years experience in Asia (Todd is fluent in the Cambodian language and his English is not bad either!) to help you, your management team and your staff team make an ongoing, even more effective impact throughout Cambodia and beyond.

Check out our facebook page (links!) to get a better idea of the strategic impact Ripple makes and our training methods.  Our clients really do have a blast with us!!  We have a very wide range of clients and

We would love to be a part of what you, your management team, staff team and/or your partners are doing in the Cambodia and in the region and look forward to making a greater impact and  ripple effect with you in the future.

Todd Smith


Ripple Effect Asia Pacific